Agriculture Review for Wednesday, February 16, 2022

MELFORT, Sask. – An active approach to farm risk management.

Farm Management in Canada has launched a risk management training program called Roots to Success.

Program manager Mathieu Lipari said farm life could be unpredictable as growers deal with weather, pests, market conditions, relationships, and more recently, COVID-19.

“An integrated approach is vital to understanding the connection between people, income, the planet and politics, to create effective plans to keep our farmers in a better position to take calculated risks and seize opportunities,” Lipari said.

Training sessions allow farmers to gain knowledge of tools and resources to make better business decisions, share best practices and lessons with other farmers, and begin the process of creating a plan tailored to their farm.

A series of four virtual trainings has been held since February 22.

To register, go to Farm Management Canada website.

A new online tool will help Canadian egg growers measure, monitor and manage the environmental footprint of their farm.

Egg Farmers of Canada National Environmental Sustainability Instrument (NEST) will allow farmers to assess the sustainability of their farm to understand key environmental performance factors, including energy and water use, and by exploring comparisons with farms in their region and across the country.

Egg Farmers of Canada CEO Tim Lambert said that with the growing demand and use of eggs, responsibility for sustainable egg production is imposed.

“Our country’s egg sector and our hard-working coast-to-coast egg producers continue to strive for continuous improvement in activities and practices and why we are investing in innovation and new tools such as NEST,” Lambert said. “The development of NEST is part of our broader holistic vision of sustainability.”

Lambert said egg production emits less greenhouse gases and uses less water, land and energy than 50 years ago.

NEST is available to all registered Canadian egg farmers.

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