Agriculture Review for Monday, February 14, 2022

In 2020, Canada and the U.S. traded agriculture and food for $ 50 billion CDNs for an average of $ 137 million a day, and Coates, Alta, Emerson, Maine, and the Ambassador Bridge were major trade routes for these goods.

President of the Canadian Livestock Association Bob Lowe said maintaining a stable supply chain is critical to beef production in Canada.

“The situation on the US-Canada border and transport delays are having a serious impact on the entire beef supply chain, and now it’s time to end it,” Lowe said.

The Canadian Federation of Agriculture, the Canadian Horticultural Council, the Canadian Pork Council, the Canadian Meat Council, the Canadian Product Marketing Association and the National Association of Cattle Feeders are also calling for action.

Agriculture in Canada has said that the new legume grain, which is a source of high quality protein, provides an opportunity to expand prairie markets.

A three-year project to test white sweet lupine in Canadian cultivation is being implemented in Alberta, Ontario, PEI and the British era.

Agriculture in Canada has stated that it can be used for human consumption or as a very nutritious feed for cattle. It also provides the soil with nitrogen.

Sweet white lupine is most commonly grown in Europe.

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