AeroVironment to supply Puma 3 AE SUAS to two US allies

USA Ministry of Defense (Add ) awarded two Foreign Military Sales (FMS) contracts to AeroVironment for Puma 3 All environment (AE) small unmanned aerial systems (AUAS).

Under a firm-fixed-price contract totaling $20.86 million, the company will provide unmanned aerial vehicles to two allied nations.

The deal also requires AeroVironment for the supply of initial packages of spare parts, training and contractor logistics support (CLS).

15.4 pounds Puma The 3 AE has a wingspan of 9.2 feet and can handle multiple missions in any environment.

Equipped AeroVironment As a long-range tracking antenna, the UAS can operate at a distance of nearly 37.2 miles.

AeroVironment Trace Stevenson, vice president and general manager of the SUAS product line, said, “Our over a decade-long Puma UAS continues to be low cost, portable, easy to operate for our customers.

“With each new generation Puma optimizations have been made for more reliable flight, durability and operational flexibility, but the goal of providing reliable and continuous situational awareness, protection of critical forces and force multiplication capabilities for our customers remains the same.

“Our allies continue to adopt and deploy Puma 3 AE and others AeroVironment systems as they recognize the importance of equipping their front-line forces with life-saving and force-survival capabilities.”

Puma 3 AE allows operators to easily switch between Mantis i45 and Mantis i45 N payloads, night option.

The Puma 3 AE can be launched by hand, bungee, rail or vehicle and can be recovered in difficult terrain by deep landing.

In January of this year AeroVironment released the Switchblade 300 sensor for the shooter kit to reduce interaction time and cognitive load on the operator.

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