Active aircraft with the most hours and cycles in each of the top three US airlines

The “Big Three” of American airlines, namely America, Delta and United, have some of the largest fleets in the world, each of which has hundreds of active aircraft. Among them is a wide range of designs, with old examples spending a significant amount of time in the air. But which ones are the busiest?

American Airlines

Starting alphabetically with American Airlinesdata from ch-aviation.com shows that the aircraft carrier from Fort Worth has 862 active aircraft out of a total of 911 aircraft. This impressive share is just under 95%. Of these, one active aircraft that scored the most hours is the N779AN.


This registration corresponds to a 22.94-year-old person Boeing 777-200ER, who flew for American Airlines throughout his career. During this time, he scored impressive results 89,819 flight hours (as of February 2022) through 10,958 cycles. It runs at 3951.78 hours per year for 482 cycles (averaging about 1.32 per day).

Meanwhile, the active American Airlines aircraft with the most cycles at the time of the last measurement is Airbus The A319-100 is registered as the N722US. This 22.67-year-old twinjet was flying 35,928 flight cycles as of February 2022, gaining in the process 60,737 hours. That’s exactly 1,600 a year, or 4.38 a day.

The most widely used aircraft in America is the Boeing 777-200ER. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple flight

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Delta Air Lines

Meanwhile, a competitor of American SkyTeam Delta Air Lines currently has 790 active aircraft, which is just under 88% of the fleet of 899 aircraft. Of these, the most used aircraft is almost 10 years older than American Airlines. Accordingly, during his 32.09-year career, he scored much more hours.

Registered as N171DN, this Boeing 767-300ER has assembled 137,377 flight hours through 20,001 cycles as of February 2022. It runs at 4,309.26 hours for 627 cycles (1.72 per day) during the average year. The average duration of his cycle is 6 hours 52 minutes, with an average daily use of 11 hours 49 minutes.

While the active aircraft of the American with the most cycles was developed by Airbus, Delta is owned by Boeing. In particular, N667DN is a 31.2-year-old 757-200, which as of February 2022 was flying 43,184 flight cycles (worth 95,099 cycles) throughout his career. On average, it lasted two hours and 12 minutes.

The most used Delta aircraft is approaching 150,000 hours. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple flight

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United Airlines

Third and finally 696 c United Airlines‘Currently 868 aircraft are active. However, this figure will grow and the carrier will be tuned in re-introduce its Boeing 777 aircraft with Pratt & Whitney engines return to service soon. At the moment his most used aircraft is the N643UA, a 31.06-year-old Boeing 767-300ER with 123 126 flight hours under his belt. He accumulated them over 19,204 cycles (623 per year, 1.71 per day).

Meanwhile, the current United Airlines aircraft with the most flights is the N414UA, a 28.19-year-old Airbus A320-200. This twinjet joined United in July 1994 and has been flying ever since. 34,815 flight cycles, properly counting 85,941 hours. With an average of 1,245 cycles per year, N414UA averages about 3.41 cycles per day.

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