ABTA’s research reveals continued confidence in travel

ABTA’s new study confirms the ongoing trend seen throughout the pandemic of those seeking the safety and security of booking packaged travel with travel professionals.

According to a survey conducted in early July, vacationers are 25% more likely to book vacations with travel professionals than before the pandemic, half of whom cited the safety of package travel as the main reason. I am.

This was followed by letting a travel agency take care of them (48%) and the latest advice from travel experts (42%).

The findings also show that consumer confidence and perceptions of the ABTA brand are in line with pre-pandemic levels, with nearly three-quarters of respondents reassuring the brand (74%) and experts. (74%), most strongly associated with self-confidence. (73%) and safe (73%).

ABTA is the most recognized travel association among the surveyed people, and 77% say they have heard of the organization.

To support the resumption of overseas travel and encourage bookings with ABTA members, ABTA will promote Book with Confidence tips on social media during the summer, providing information for vacationers to book this year’s vacation abroad. We continue to help you feel secure, confident, and excited. Its ongoing #ReadySteadyTravel campaign.

Recent activities include videos that encourage people to book vacations to countries on the green and amber list, advice on travel testing, and blogs about traveling to countries on the green and amber list. ..

ABTA also regularly updates important information and guidance on travel during a pandemic on the #ReadySteadyTravel hub. here..

ABTA members are encouraged to share the latest advice and travel inspirational content with their customers by downloading campaign assets and suggested social media posts from the MemberZone marketing toolkit.

Shelly Beresford, Head of Brand and Marketing at ABTA, said:

“We know that after months of restrictions, the demand for vacations abroad is very high, but there’s a lot of information you need to know and understand before you travel, so make sure you have the #ReadySteadyTravel campaign. We are excited to continue to inform vacationers about changes that will affect our travel plans, reassure us of the possibility of taking a vacation abroad, and book a decent break with ABTA members. . “ ABTA’s research reveals continued confidence in travel

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