ABL Space Systems’ RS1 rocket is scheduled to launch today (November 21).

ABL Space Systems may be gearing up for a new launch attempt on its new rocket on Monday (November 21) after a hiatus.

ABL attempted to launch its first-ever orbital mission on Thursday from the Pacific Spaceport in Alaska on Thursday (Nov. 17), but first stage engines shut down a few moments after ignition.

At the time, company officials said they were considering Monday at 5:00 p.m. EST (10:00 p.m. GMT) as the next possibility, but there has been no update since then. The current launch window is from 5pm to 8pm EST daily (2200 to 0100 GMT). ABL is not webcasting the mission, but is providing updates via Twitter.

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“RS1 interrupted terminal count during ignition. The vehicle is in working order and the team is setting up a fuel dump for today. Additional information will appear at the next opportunity”, – representatives of the company. said via Twitter on Thursday afternoon after an aborted launch attempt.

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A test flight for the RS1 is planned for an attic the size of two shoeboxes cubesats named VariSat-1A and VariSat-1B, which are designed to test maritime data operations for VariSat LLC.

California-based ABL was founded in 2017 and can deliver up to 2,975 pounds (1,350 kilograms) into low Earth orbit for each $12 million mission. The ground-launched missile system is designed to be easily deployed from launch sites around the world.

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https://www.space.com/abl-space-systems-rs1-rocket-launch-attempt-monday-nov-21/ ABL Space Systems’ RS1 rocket is scheduled to launch today (November 21).

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