A subsidiary of Turkish Airlines has received a former S7 order

In mid-May, we reported that a subsidiary of Turkish Airlines AnadoluJet should receive a new Boeing 737 MAX 8, originally ordered by Russian carrier S7. But the TC-LAG-registered aircraft will be the first of several narrow-body not delivered to the S7 to be picked up by AnadoluJet. Indeed, the total number is now five aircraft, with the last former S7 aircraft delivered to the airline on 1 June.

Five 737s were delivered in two weeks

Boeing and Turkish Airlines don’t seem to be wasting time moving 737 MAX 8s to their new home in Turkey. All five aircraft were originally ordered by the Russian carrier S7, but were not delivered.


The initial reason for the lack of supplies to their original Russian customer could be Russia’s reluctance re-certify the Boeing 737 MAX after the events of 2018 and 2019 in Indonesia and Ethiopia respectively.

However, if that was the only reason, Boeing might have held back the plane in hopes that Russia’s civil aviation authorities would eventually allow this type to fly in its airspace again. So the reason the S7 ordered the planes were redirected to other customers due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which now lasts more than 100 days.

According to BOE Family Flights, these five aircraft are as follows:

  • TC-LAI (MSN 64947)
  • TC-LAJ (MSN 64452)
  • TC-LAK (MSN 61848)
  • TC-LAH (MSN 61845)
  • TC-LAG (MSN 61810)

Gathering suggestions everywhere

Looking at the latest deliveries of Turkish Airlines aircraft, we see that the airline has benefited significantly from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the resulting sanctions.

He not only rushed to pick up a few undelivered S7 Boeing 737 MAX 8, but also acquired a number of Airbus A350-900s originally ordered by Aeroflot – also undelivered due to sanctions. These brand new aircraft were available in an extremely short time, which could be beneficial as the airline (and its subsidiary) continue to recover from the pandemic. Also, although the numbers remain undisclosed, we can assume that both Boeing and Airbus were offered at a reasonable discount.

Turkish Airlines will also receive several A350 aircraft, first ordered by Aeroflot. Photo: Chris Lo | Simple flight

It is not only the recovery after the pandemic that is helping to revitalize Turkish carriers. Indeed, although there have been reciprocal bans on airlines and airspace between the European Union and Russia since the invasion, air relations between Turkey and Russia remain free. Indeed, Turkish Airlines continues to serve a long list of Russian destinations, while Aeroflot continues to provide services to Istanbul as well as to Antalya and several other tourist destinations.

Thus, when Turkey took this “neutral” position in the protracted conflict, it became a hot spot for Russians seeking vacations or business opportunities outside their country. In addition, Turkish Airlines can facilitate the transportation of passengers through its hub in Istanbul from Russia to the rest of the world and vice versa.

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Sources: Family flights BOE

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