A starter kit for cleaning and environmental cleaning for an Australian launch

Cleanery, Kiwi’s innovative environmental cleaning and personal care company, has closed a $ 2.34 million round of oversubscription.

The startup on environmental kiwi farming is attracting big fans of growth in Australia

CleaningKiwi’s innovative environmental cleaning and personal care company has closed a $ 2.34 million oversubscription round.

The increase has sparked considerable interest from the New Zealand business community, including Peter Cullinan, Nicolas O’Rourke and Michael Steasny (through their company Founders Advisory), Shane Bradley (formerly GrabOne) and Lance Wiggs through the recently developed Climate Venture Capital Fund.

Climate Venture Capital Fund is the largest investor in this sowing round. Also investing are Icehouse Ventures, Angel HQ, as well as friends and family who have supported the company since day one.

“It’s an exciting time for us,” says Cleanery co-founder Mark Sorensen. “The size of the investment is bigger than we originally thought, and the quality of the people who support us is incredible. What we have such as Peter Cullinan, who has had such success with Lewis Road Creamery, or the Climate VC Fund, who sees our emission reduction potential, gives us real confidence.

“The money raised will be used to implement an exciting marketing plan for New Zealand and Australia, a pilot e-commerce project in the United States and resources for rapid growth,” says Sorensen.

After a successful launch supported by Farro in October 2021, the products have already fallen in love with many New Zealanders with a growing supply directly to consumers.

Woolworth’s launch

The successful Seed Round coincides with the launch of Cleanery in Australia with a national deployment at Woolworths supermarkets starting this week.

“We have great capacity at our factory in Auckland, and so it all depends on growing market share. The products work exceptionally well and we have been selling online and in selected outlets since last year, so we know the demand is there. Now it’s about getting the scale that Woolworths and other supermarkets will bring to the peak. “

Just add water!

Cleanery’s patented technology is revolutionizing the categories of cleaning and personal care by removing water and plastic bottles and simply using a sachet.

“There is no point in delivering water if we all have completely quality water in our taps at home. And we all know the problem caused by packaging waste, so let’s reuse what you already have under the sink, ”says co-founder Eli Brad.

The cleaners come in recyclable bags that can be mixed with water in a bottle supplied by the company, or in one of yours.

“We’ll even give you a sticker to stick the old label on,” she says.

Cleanery believes that its products reduce the amount of plastic by 99%. And if you don’t deliver water, Cleanery can hold the equivalent of more than 200,000 bottles in one shipping container – 20 times more than traditional products, and a fraction of less weight.

Cullinan likes destruction

The offer immediately became appealing to Peter Cullinan, whose former company Lewis Road Creamery shook the milk passage. “The cleaning and personal care industry is very large and very ready to fail,” he says. “Cleaning is such a simple proposition: we want a cleaner, not bottles. And it works. That’s right. “

Tests demonstrate how Cleanery products clean more effectively than other basic detergents – environmental or other – and yet have a safe, natural, herbal and mineral composition.

“So you have a cleaner that works better than any other, has such an elegant packaging solution, is cheaper and has impeccable environmental performance. What don’t you like? ” Says Culinan.

Emissions saved

Dr Jazz Weston, a partner at the Climate VC Fund, says Cleanery meets stringent emission reduction criteria.

“Our mission is to fund tall companies that deliver significant emission reductions. Cleaning means you don’t produce more disposable plastic bottles and sprays, and that means you don’t haul that weight of water around the world. Every family uses detergents, so the savings in emissions will be significant. ”

This is the second investment of the Climate VC Fund. Rohan McMahon, a partner of the foundation, says Cleanery’s environmental credibility is in line with a strong management team. “We are very confident in the technical and commercial talent that Mark has attracted.”

Born on the beach

Investing in Cleanery is a sweet reward for Sorensen, whose path to eliminating plastic pollution began at age 14.

“When we started the company, my mother dug up an old essay I wrote in social studies about the persistence of solving packaging problems. I even forgot I wrote it. By the way, I got a “+”.

The essay was forgotten, but the mood remained, and during a three-day tramp in the Far North of New Zealand in 2017, Sorensen was surprised to find plastic on the shoreline. “Here I was on remote beaches in the most remote country on Earth and still found plastic. I was really motivated to do something. “

Working with many of New Zealand’s most exciting science and technology companies as an advisor, he knew where to start and who to turn to. But the technical problem turned out to be huge. “It’s one thing to combine something that looks and smells like a cleaner, and to create something that really does its job and can really replace basic products is quite another.”

Through a series of collaborations and research, the original chemistry was developed, and real work began – the expansion of a factory capable of producing these new formulations.

“The time is right. Consumers want to solve this problem. China has stopped our so-called “recycling” and the government and industry understand that they need to do something.

“And Covid helped emphasize the need for scaling, local production. The decisions we made during Covid’s early blockades, when supply chains began to look difficult, are paying off, as we now control our destiny with our own plant, located here in Auckland, and can produce products in any volume. “

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