A record number of passengers is expected in Colombia in 2022

Colombia’s civil aviation authority (Aerocivil) expects the country to welcome up to 46 million passengers in 2022, an all-time record and surpassing pre-pandemic traffic levels by nearly 12%. Colombiafueled by the growth of ultra-low-cost carriers such as Viva and Ultra airand a strong recovery in domestic power plants Aviyanka and LATHAMhas seen the strongest recovery in civil aviation in America this year.

Fly high

Aerocivil released its latest traffic figures this week, which said airlines in the country carried 31.6 million passengers between January and August. This figure represents an 85.6% increase from 2021 levels and a 17% increase from 2019 levels before the COVID-19 pandemic.


Domestically, Avianca carried approximately eight million passengers, followed by LATAM Colombia with approximately six million passengers and Viva Colombia with approximately 4.5 million travelers.

Colombian civil aviation authorities estimate that by the end of 2022, around 46 million passengers will travel to and from the country. If this number is reached, the traffic level will increase by almost 12% compared to 2019, when Colombia received 41.13 million travelers.

Guillermo Francisco Reyes González, Colombia’s new transport minister, said the record numbers recorded by the South American country were not just an achievement of the airline and local authorities “but also a commitment to Colombians, to whom we must provide increasingly accessible and quality services.”

Francisco Aspina Ramírez, director of Aerocivil, added that the growth represents the country “It is a huge challenge to continue to strengthen the airport’s infrastructure and operations in general. We are committed to the country and the air transport of its people.”

This year, Colombia expects to receive up to 44 million passengers. Photo: Getty Images.

Strongest recovery

Colombia has emerged as the country with the strongest recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the Latin American and Caribbean Air Transport Association (ALTA), the number of international passengers in Colombia increased by 9% to July 2022 and by 22% in the domestic segment compared to 2019. Only the Dominican Republic surpassed Colombia in the international segment with a 16% increase compared to the period before the pandemic. levels. Domestically, Colombia was first.

Overall, the Latin American region has seen the strongest recovery in passenger numbers globally (although that doesn’t mean the region’s airlines have recovered financially from the pandemic). In contrast, most airlines in the region suffered financial losses; rising fuel costs, rising inflation and the devaluation of local currencies could put some of these airlines at risk of extinction. Among the airlines currently under threat are Viva Colombia, Viva Peruand Aeromar.

Colombia saw the strongest traffic recovery in the region. Photo: Getty Images.

Voice of the expert

José Ricardo Botello, Executive Director and CEO of ALTA, recently stated that the continued lifting of restrictions on international traffic in the Latin American region is critical to the significant recovery of countries such as Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Brazil.

“Looking to the future, we know that the population will continue to need air transport; however, in order for more people to actually be able to use this mode of transport, we need to continue to reduce the costs associated with fees and taxes, and to continue to streamline regulations that create inefficiencies.” he added.

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