A high-ranking American general warns of a possible war with China

A four-star US Air Force general has warned of a conflict with China as early as 2025 – most likely over Taiwan – and urged his commanders to push their units to achieve maximum combat readiness this year.

In an internal memo that first appeared on social media on Friday and was later confirmed as authentic by the Pentagon, Air Mobility Command chief Gen. Mike Minihan said the primary goal should be to deter “and, if necessary, defeat” China.

“I hope I’m wrong. “My intuition is that we’re going to struggle in 2025,” Minihan said.

Outlining his reasoning, Minihan said Taiwan’s presidential election next year would give Chinese President Xi Jinping an excuse for military aggression, while the United States would be distracted by its own fight for the White House.

“Xi Jinping’s team, cause and capabilities align with 2025,” he added.

The memorandum also contains a call to all personnel of the mobile command to go to the shooting range, “shoot the clip” at the target and “aim for the head”.

A Pentagon spokesman responded to an emailed AFP inquiry about the memo, saying: “Yes, it is a fact that he sent it.”

Senior US officials have said in recent months that China appears to be speeding up the timeline to seize control of Taiwan, a self-governing democracy claimed by Beijing.

Last August, China staged a major military exercise seen as an invasion attempt after a show of solidarity visit to Taipei by then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who was second in line at the White House at the time.

In 1979, the United States switched from Taipei to Beijing, but sells weapons to Taiwan for self-defense.

A growing number of US lawmakers are calling for more aid, including direct military aid to Taiwan, saying Russia’s invasion of Ukraine underscores the need for early preparation.

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