A group of farms is calling for a temporary halt to wild boar farming

“In the past, we have had resolutions coming to our conventions. It was too disappointing what was happening in the Saskatchewan countryside when these wild boars really started invading the countryside and they are very difficult to control, ”Orb said.

SARM asked the province to impose a moratorium, but this did not happen, but several control measures were introduced instead.

Orb said the animal was elusive, nocturnal, and difficult to hunt.

“Hunters can actually disperse these herds of wild boars and move them to another area,” Orb said. “They are very prolific. They are very hardy. That’s why they’re so hard to control. “

Wild boars are known to be smart and reckless when they make their way through crops, golf courses and native land. Adult animals can be over 200 pounds, fast and have sharp tusks. They easily withstand frosty temperatures.

In 2016, the Regulations on Wildlife were amended to allow hunters to hunt wild boar all year round without a license. SARM was pleased with this policy change, but SARM members called for a moratorium on wildlife farming from 2009.

“As the wildlife population continues to spread, isn’t it time to impose these moratoriums so that the problem doesn’t get worse?” Orb said. “It’s time for a joint long-term solution with our provincial government.”

The annual SARM convention is held in Regina, Sasuke. March 15-17.

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