9 Ways to Make Your Slide Tight A Valuable Rental

Nowadays, good help can be hard to come by, and it is just as important to hire a suitable employee to work with cattle by selecting a squeeze the slide to match the daily workload of an operation is also critical.

Today, the market for animal handling equipment offers a wide variety of gutters. Similar to how a new employee can be either disappointing or hitting a home run in work ethic and efficiency, identifying the “right” can also bring success or create overwork and problems.

Here are some key factors to consider when buying a new compression trough.

1. Work with the animal – never against.

People with experience in raising animals understand that working with cattle is always easier when the tasks are not difficult. All animal species have instincts that they use by default. Some compression gutters are designed and designed to align with them the natural behavior of cattle better than others.

Cattle are naturally afraid of excessive noise and blocked lines of sight and become stressed when pressed. Slides, either hydraulic or manualit should always operate quietly and allow a clear line of sight to encourage cattle to enter and exit the gutters calmly, which in time removes the blockage. The head gates they should be designed with open spaces for cattle to see, as they are attracted to light. When restrained, they should be supported and able to sit normally in a comfortable, upright position.

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2. Safety – for both humans and animals.

The safety of both animals and handlers is vital. Slides must be constructed to do what they are designed to do: hold and restrain cattle without causing or risking injury. Manipulators need to be assured that they are protected, because the cattle you handle can easily overtake you and overtake you. Control levers, handles, latches, self-locking mechanisms and access openings must be easily accessible and safe to operate and use.

Animal welfare is also crucial both morally and for improving health, efficiency and productivity. The chosen slide must handle them safely, without causing bruises or excessive force on them.

3. Practicality at work.

Farms come in all sizes and variations, just like the animals they produce. Squeezing slides should also be practical in their skills, usable for large mature bulls, medium-sized replacement heifers and weaned calves, with little or no adjustments required. Simply put – a game of all trades with components that allow easy and quick changes, or not at all, between size and body size.

4. Standard features should not disappoint.

Like a good employee, a trough should arrive equipped with strength and positive characteristics to suit the needs of a farm. Components such as a silent hydraulic pump system, secure locking mechanisms, easy-to-use and easy-to-use handles and controls and smoothly functioning pivot points are essential. Managing a single lever for manual gutters plus an emergency exit and proven efficient rolling back doors are also preferred for maximum control and safety.

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5. Gates of trust.

Retaining cattle for treatments and procedures is only part of the animal handling equation. Much of the work during processing is done in front of the gutter, so the headgear and any HEADRESTS works efficiently and securely holds your head and neck firmly in place.

An open, bar-style curtain-style design allows light to enter the gutter and works with the natural behavior of cattle, attracting them with minimal manipulator intervention. User handles that can be controlled from anywhere along the gutter are also a plus, creating a larger management approach, perfect for single-person operations, so you can control the rear gate and the main gate in the same time.

6. Easy to use makes a difference.

New employees who have trouble getting along with their co-workers don’t normally last long on the farm, and no slide is hard to get along with. Handling and processing often take hours, and if the main gate, operating handles and rear door functions constantly require maximum physical effort and energy from the manipulators, they are not suitable for work.

Necessary and repetitive actions should save energy and time, should not make the task more difficult. The head restraint, rear gate and clamping mechanisms should be easy to use for all sizes and strengths of handlers.

7. Adaptable and agile.

Certain supplements and options that are rejected or deemed unnecessary during an initial purchase may become necessary in the future. Gutters should always allow these additions to be possible whenever needed. If this means adding a palpation cage, alley extension, cattle bathheadrests or a sternum barshould be designed for these possibilities.

Operations are growing and changing according to markets and the realities of financial growth, and the channels should also be agile and adaptable. For a changing or expanding farm, the ability to add wheel sets for transport and portability could become essential and cost-effective.

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8. Maximize all aspects of efficiency.

The right gutter should be optimal to help improve efficiency. Their actions should be precisely aligned with the natural psychology and behavior of cattle in order to provide the best levels of efficiency. Keeping animal science at the forefront will reduce stress for breeders and animals, while helping to keep the herd healthy. The required staff can be kept to a minimum, as your equipment takes up more of the workload of the manipulator.

9. Low maintenance is key.

Nothing frustrates the owner more than a new worker with constant problems that takes time, money and energy to solve. Clamping slides should never mimic an annoying employee. Hydraulic and manual controls should be designed and innovatively designed to be seamless for countless hours of use. Pivot points and levers must be balanced for easy operation and positioned for ergonomically productive use without excessive wear on the equipment or manipulator. Low maintenance gutters are available and should be standard in the handling system of any farm.

These basic qualities make all the difference when handling cattle. While finding and hiring a new farm employee who is productive, efficient, safe to work with and easy to understand can be difficult, it is much easier to find a slide with these vital qualities.

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