2 UK firms to provide advanced unmanned ISR services

British defense firms Elbit Systems UK and Draken Europe have ink a strategic partnership agreement to provide advanced intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) services.

Under the MoU, the two companies will explore the joint development of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) to strengthen ISR missions amid security challenges within and outside the UK.

Both firms will act as manufacturers and operators.

Elbit UK said its extensive UAS portfolio, including several classes of fully integrated fixed-wing and vertical take-off and landing systems, would be maximized to meet the terms of the agreement.

“We will use our manufacturing knowledge and advanced technology combined with Draken’s service experience to ensure an efficient and productive collaboration, supporting the delivery of advanced ISR services,” Elbit CEO. Martin Fawcett said.

Aviation manufacturing firm Draken Europe will also participate in the deal with its specialist ISR, special missions and search and rescue services.

“The development of unmanned systems that meet the requirements of civil aviation is a natural next step in this [aviation and aerospace component manufacturing] and our collaboration with Elbit Systems UK gives us a partnership with a manufacturer that has decades of proven experience and a flexible approach that is ready to adapt its systems to meet the changing requirements of end customers,” CEO Paul Armstrong said. 2 UK firms to provide advanced unmanned ISR services

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