12 Social Commerce Programs for Merchants

Social commerce tools create opportunities for brands and merchants to engage and inspire consumers with an entertaining shopping experience.

Here is a list of social commerce apps for merchants. Most of them are from well-known social networks that have added commercial features. Most are also free unless otherwise noted.


Facebook stores

Facebook is the largest social network with nearly 3 billion monthly active users. It offers merchants many tools to connect with online buyers. The Stores feature allows you to sell, label, and advertise physical items on branded storefront tabs. Commerce Manager organizes collections and shares them on Facebook and Instagram. Facebook Marketplace is a peer-to-peer platform for new and used goods.


Screenshot of an ad for Instagram Shopping.

Shopping on Instagram

Instagram is a platform for sharing images and videos. The Shopping feature allows brands to curate product collections and detail pages. It includes an in-app checkout; product labeling in images, videos and advertisements; live shopping; and the possibility of product release notifications. Consumers can place and track orders in direct messages. Merchants can request and receive payment in one thread with Meta Pay.


Screenshot of the Pinterest business page, How to Make Money on Pinterest.

Pinterest pins ideas

Pinterest is a visual search and discovery platform for sharing product inspiration. It is one of the leading developers of social commerce. For verified merchants, Pinterest offers Shop tabs that integrate with platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce for product feeds. It features advanced product tags (up to eight per scene), shoppable product and metadata-enriched Idea Pins, augmented reality fitting for beauty and home products, and visual search with the Lens tool. fhpcn


A screenshot of a Twitter blog promoting Live Shopping.

Live Shopping on Twitter

Twitter is a social network for real-time news and communication that offers a variety of shopping features to help merchants reach consumers. Twitter Shops allows merchants to hand-pick up to 50 products to showcase. Product Drops help merchants promote and connect with users when products launch. Twitter Live Shopping allows merchants to create shoppable videos for live events and integrates with merchant websites to ensure a seamless social and shopping experience.

Amazon Live

A screenshot of Amazon's web page advertising live streaming.

Amazon Live

Amazon Live enables brands to inspire, inform and entertain audiences through real-time engagement and shoppable content. Sellers can communicate and interact with consumers, highlight products in the carousel, and share promo codes and deals. There are opportunities to integrate with Amazon’s live shows, which are curated and often themed. Brands can also sponsor live influencer streams created by top content creators with Amazon Live Application creator. Shoppers who follow your brand on Amazon are eligible to receive reminders when you go live.


A screenshot of the YouTube blog article, Ready, Set, Shop.

YouTube Blog: Ready, Set Up, Buy

YouTube continues to help businesses connect and engage with audiences in accessible ways. All eligible creators can now access live shopping features, such as the ability to tag products live. YouTube recently announced a new partnership with Shopify to allow creators and merchants to connect their Shopify stores and feature products on their YouTube channels and content. The partnership integrates with Shopify’s real-time inventory sync. Creators in the US can enable in-place checkout so viewers can complete their purchases without leaving YouTube.


Screenshot of a Snapchat editorial article promoting with eBay listings.

Share eBay listings on Snapchat.

Snapchat is a social app for sharing moments through videos, images, texts and augmented reality lenses. Users can now share listings on eBay using the Snapchat camera. Select any listing through the eBay app, tap the share icon, and tap the “Snapchat” option to automatically go to the eBay auto-sticker Snapchat camera. Create an original image with an eBay sticker and layer using creative tools. The eBay sticker will take the recipient or viewer directly to the listing.


Screenshot of TikTok integration with Shopify.

TikTok purchases

TikTok is a short video sharing application with a large number of product-oriented users. Hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt has over 18 billion views. Last year, the app launched TikTok Shopping in partnership with Shopify. According to TechCrunch, TikTok is currently testing a dedicated Shop tab to allow users to browse and buy products directly on the platform, similar to the Shops feature on Facebook and Instagram.



WeChat is a Chinese social networking, messaging and mobile payment app. It is one of the largest mobile messaging apps with over 1 billion monthly active users. WeChat users can send mobile payments, make video calls, pay utilities, make doctor appointments, order taxis, play games, share location, and more. WeChat’s social commerce features include shops, mini-programs such as games, and the WeChat Good Product Circle, which allows users to see what others are buying.


Pinduoduo promotional video screenshot.

Pinduoduo is the largest online market for agricultural products in China. this one of the best app to see social commerce in action. Pinduoduo wants to be an interactive and entertaining online shopping app where everyone can find entertainment and save together. Instead of a standard search, users find products suggested by Pinduoduo. When they’re ready to buy, buyers can join or create a product team to increase collective savings. Pinduoduo also offers engagement incentives by encouraging buyers to post products and reviews.


A screenshot of the creator.co home page.


Creator.co helps brands connect with influencers for social commerce. Use self-service or work with a campaign specialist to automate your influencer campaigns. Create a company on your terms and invite qualified creators to collaborate. Sign up to connect your Shopify or WooCommerce store to creators to increase sales on any platform. Pricing for the brand starts at $395 per month.

Social shop

A screenshot of the homepage of the Shop social network.

Social shop

Social shop turns Instagram media into shoppable galleries in your online store. Tag multiple products on Instagram. Monitor clicks and performance in the admin panel and integrate with Google Analytics. Direct all Instagram users to your URL or integrate your Instagram feed to your website. Add a product gallery tab to Facebook. Shop Social costs $49 per month.

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