101st Paratrooper Heades to Europe as US Gathers 6,000 Troops to Restrain Russia

Hundreds of troops of the 101st Assault Division are preparing to deploy to Europe as Russian troops gather near Ukraine’s borders, located for a potential invasion.

Soldiers from Fort CampbellKentucky is expected to be deployed soon and will include joint support personnel and ground combat units, a spokesman said. It is unclear to which European countries these troops will be deployed, but the mobilization of American troops in Europe was concentrated in Poland and Romania, and part of the support staff was sent to Germany.

In all, about 6,000 American soldiers are expected to join Europe in the coming days, joining the forces of other NATO partners, including Britain and France.

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During the last two weeks, paratroopers of the 82nd Airborne Division, which will make up most of the tidal forces in Europe, have arrived in Poland. Meanwhile the soldiers of the 2nd Cavalry Regiment Fr. Stryker a squadron based in Germany was mobilized in Romania. Soldiers of the XVIII Airborne Corps, the administrative armament of the 82nd, were created in Germany.

In addition to those mobilizing in Europe, some 80,000 U.S. troops are already on the continent, including those permanently stationed there, such as the 173rd Airborne Brigade in Italy, and troops rescuing as part of the advance. planned missions, which mainly involve training with NATO allies.

These rotations include 3,800 soldiers from the battle group of the 1st Armored Brigade of the 1st Infantry Division, whose arsenal is 80 M1 Abrams tanks and 130 Bradley’s fighting machines. About 1000 The National Guard also operate in Europe, mainly in Poland.

President Joe Biden has ruled out that US troops are fighting in a non-NATO Ukraine. Over the past weekend, 160 Florida National Guard servicemen on a training mission in Ukraine were withdrawn from the country, preventing a potential confrontation with Russian troops.

On Tuesday, Russia’s Defense Ministry said some of the 100,000 troops stationed on Ukraine’s borders were return to their bases. However, Russian officials did not offer any evidence of the reduction and did not specify how many troops will be withdrawn from the front line.

“We have a rule in Ukraine: we do not believe what we hear, we believe what we see. If these statements are followed by a real diversion, we will believe in the beginning of a real de-escalation,” said Ukrainian Minister Dmitry Kuleba. foreign affairs, a statement said Tuesday.

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