10 nearby things to do as a couple while visiting Seattle

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Here are 10 lesser known things you can do in or near Seattle, Washington that are perfect for a romantic walk or date. In addition to being no more on a dead end than classic attractions such as Space Needle, many also do not require booking in advance (or at all).

1. Ride in the jacuzzi

If you are looking for a relaxing and incredibly unique dating idea, consider renting a boat with a jacuzzi. You’ll be able to cruise around Union Lake while enjoying soaking, and the company also offers a few extra additions to the experience, such as a dating package that includes Epsom salt, rose petals that adorn the water, and a range of handmade chocolates. This is one that you will probably have to book a couple of weeks in advance, but this all-encompassing amazing experience is worth it.

Go for a ride in the jacuzzi

2. Explore Discovery Park

If you and your partner love nature, think about spending the day Discovery Park research. This magnificent piece of desert is located on the shores of Puget Sound and is home to several hiking trails as well as scenic areas and a historic lighthouse. It’s also only about 15 minutes from downtown Seattle, making it a great option if you don’t want to drive too far.

Discovery Park

3. Embark on a romantic cruise

If you and your partner feel like you’ve largely explored the city of Seattle, why not mix things up by heading to Puget Sound? Several groups in the area offer various cruises off the coast of Seattle, most of which last several hours. Soundview Cruisesfor example, offers a choice of cruises, including a sunset cruise or a wine tasting cruise. This is another one that you will need to book in advance, but can usually only be booked a few days in advance.

Seattle Cruise

4. Enjoy the drink in mbar

Admire the magnificent views of the city and enjoy delicious Mediterranean food with your loved one in this rooftop bar and restaurant. Due to the precautionary measures in connection with COVID-19, time reservations are currently required, but often it can be booked for the day. Proof of vaccination or a negative test for COVID-19 is also requested at this time.


5. Make a candle to order

Show off the creative sides of you and your partner by visiting the Elm Candle Bar. This candle shop offers much more than your traditional shopping experience – you can create your own candles in the store. This can be a great option for a unique gift, or just for a fun get-together. Reservations can be made online, but now the Elm Candle Bar also welcomes visitors if it allows.

Elm Candle Bar

6. Fly in a balloon

Do you find it romantic to cruise over the Seattle skyline with your second second person? If so, consider booking a hot air balloon flight at one of the companies in Seattle, for example Hot air balloon flight in Seattle. It requires a little more planning, and private tours are usually booked for a month or two.


7. Enjoy a meal at Dreamland Bar and Diner

Looking for a unique atmosphere and a romantic dinner? Check out Dreamland Bar and Diner. With colorful lighting throughout the restaurant and a corridor filled with disco balls, Dreamland definitely lives up to its name. Dreamland offers indoor and patio seating, and bookings can be made online. With the exception of weekends, reservations are usually available the day or a few days before.

Dreamland Bar and Diner

8. Have dinner at the Smith Tower Observatory

When it comes to viewing Seattle from above, the Space Needle is by far the most famous option. However, this is not the only one. If you want to enjoy the lights of the city differently, visit the Smith Tower Observatory. There is an open-air observation deck, as well as a restaurant and bar that are perfect for a romantic dinner. Tickets to the observatory are currently being issued in order.

Smith Tower

9. Stop treating cookies

If you are looking for the idea of ​​a casual but memorable date, check cookies treat. This bakery offers not only a wide selection of delicious pastries, but also chic pastel pink decor inside. Take treats on the go or enjoy them at the store.

Treat yourself to cookies

10. Enjoy your holiday (or stay) at Cedarbrook Lodge

Cedarbrook Lodge is a great hotel located on 18 acres of wetlands. This proximity to nature allows the lodge to feel much more remote than it actually is – it is just a short drive from the airport. This upscale hotel offers not only comfortable and modern rooms, but also a high-quality spa that is perfect for you and your partner to enjoy a relaxing afternoon.

Cedarbrook Lodge

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